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Lollipop has come a long a way since it’s humble beginnings in the back streets of Hackney in 2015.

We have now 5 strong brands in our portfolio and plan to add two more by the end of 2019.

Lollipop currently operates 4 venues (3 permanent in London and 1 pop-up in Paris). The combined EBITDA (after HQ costs) stood at £400k in 2018.

We are now coming to our strong 150,000 community to help us on this journey by invested and owning a piece of us.

Below is our story x


Our Story




Back in 2015, in the middle of a mild spring night, our founder Seb Lyall had a light bulb moment while watching a famous TV series. He thought, wouldn’t it be cool to bring alive what he saw on the telly. Have staff and customers in character and create an experience which customers will remember for a long time. He was running a tech startup (Locappy) at that time and we all know most tech founders have no cash to even eat properly, let alone open a new bar!

— Time Out

So he went to see a friend. A rich one. He pitched the idea to him. His words were “I want to ship an RV (American motorhome) over to London, strip it out and put a bar inside with beakers and stuff!” Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Well at that time, this idea was considered bonkers. He asked his friend for £30k and said he will give him half of the business (half of the business for 30k!) His friend said no and suggested no one will ever want to enter a van for their cocktails! (Ah well...)

Seb left disappointed and almost heartbroken but he knew this would work. Partially because he had been creating events for Google and engaging communities for many years through his event brand Coco London. He understood the culture and needs of the younger generation through his involvement in technology and the economy.

Without even having a name for the “experience”, he starting making a landing page the same evening. Took some pictures of drinks at his flat and hacked some images from the Internet. By 4am, he had a landing page ready for what would become knows as one of the first “inspired by” and “immersive” bars in world: ABQ. He added a“leave your email” field and an option to share with their friends to “jump the queue” button to the landing page. Then he sent a scrappy press release to Time Out, knowing nothing will probably come of it and went to sleep.

He woke up to see over 18,000 people had signed up for tickets with 3,000 people sharing it. Every minute over 50 people where signing up which eventually took the list to 45,000. Well he didn’t still have a bar so he decided to sell the tickets before opening and fund the project that way. Risky! Well, ABQ sold over £300k worth of tickets within minutes and the rest is history...

This was the birth of Lollipop and the “pre-sale” model which it pioneered and led in hospitality. This is how a whole new industry of Immersive Hospitality was born.




While London had ABQ now, we decided to open a pop-up in Paris, replicating what we did in London. The 3 month long project was very successful with every single day sold out and with amazing customer reviews. ABQ now is a long term “pop-up” in Paris.

We also did something ground-breaking. We opened the world’s first naked restaurant in an attempt to normalise naked dining and giving our community something very different to do.

The Bunyadi became one of the most famous restaurants in world, with the likes of Ellen Degeneres raving it about on TV.

We plan to bring The Bunyadi back next year, following the fundraise.

I checked out London’s naked restaurant and now I’m converted to eating in the nude
— Independent




The Bletchley, a truly immersive bar

Open permanently in Chelsea


We opened The Bletchley in Chelsea in 2017 and it is the pinnacle of what Lollipop stands for.

The concept behind the bar is gamification of the menu: Customers are given missions to do where they crack 1940s style codes by smelling, tasting and using other senses. This helps us to understand their taste profile, thus making personalised cocktails for them,

In short, The Bletchley is a take on the menu of the future. The Bletchley is now permanent in Chelsea and is open 5 days a week.

The bar of the future

We also opened a highly lucrative ABQ in New York for a few months. The pop-up was very successful and profitable, however managing transatlantic operations at that stage of the business proved to be a challenge so we decided to close the pop-up at a high!




A multi-storey

ABQ opens in Hackney

Walk-in area, food, experience and an outdoor terrace


2018 saw one of our biggest opening. The new ABQ London, which has become our blueprint for all future openings. It is a multi-layered space with an “experience” section, a walk-in bar and food. This has helped us increase bookings throughout the week and also cater to walk-ins.

We also opened our first ever escape room, The Grid in Southwark. Inspired but a dystopian future and AI, this cocktail infused experience has proven to be a hit with customers from all over the world!

Lollipop has cracked the code of immersive cocktail experience
— Forbes

At the back of ABQ in London, to cater to hungry patrons, we also opened Saint - East London’s only sourdough, stone-baked vegan pizzeria. We plan to open Saint with other experiences or standalone restaurants in the future, given its success.





Over the last 4 years, we have opened 5 different places ABQ London/Paris, The Bletchley, The Grid, The Bunyadi and Saint Pizza and built a strong team in the HQ.

Four of these concepts are now permanently operating in three different sites. We are now ready to scale and bring some exciting new concepts to life


2019 openings


A restaurant experience inspired by travels and journeys of the world. Opens in Chelsea in 2019



A new premium experience opens in Holborn later this year. Sorry, we can’t say much more right now :)


The Future

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 14.37.51.png

We plan to operate 12+ sites in the next 3 years to prepare us for a potential exit


The Plan


Hospitality is changing rapidly. Traditional restaurants and bars are not set up to cope with the changing consumer demand. You (our customers) amongst all people know that very well.

We would like to invite you to lead our funding journey by owning something you already probably love and help us expand and grow. We have a pipeline of exciting new concepts which we need to bring to life in the next few years.

We will also throw in a few perks for you... A Lollipop shareholder card perhaps? Which gets you special treatment and a discount whenever you visit!

Mockup-CreditCard (1).jpg

Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come
— Victor Hugo

Sebastian Lyall

Founder, Lollipop


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Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious
— Ruth Reichl

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